Writing a bachelor thesis: Tips on topics and structure

At the end of her first degree she is waiting: the bachelor thesis. It is the last hurdle before graduation. Once the topic has been fixed, the most extensive research into endless sources, primary and secondary literature as well as various publications is on the agenda. This is not done in most cases. In order to refute or disprove the established thesis, many students also create surveys in their bachelor thesis. A huge effort. We show you in the following dossier, tips, strategies and examples how you can write and master the bachelor thesis

Bachelor thesis topic: How to find something suitable

The classic tasks for writing a bachelor thesis include:

  • topic selection
  • Find caregivers
  • Registration of the bachelor thesis
  • Structure and structure of the thesis
  • literature review
  • (Execution and evaluation of a personal survey)
  • Creation of the scientific text (including illustrations, tables and directories)
  • Formatting according to the specifications of the university
  • Proper scientific citation
  • Attention to correct spelling and grammar
  • Correction and delivery
  • Professional presentation and, if necessary, defense of the bachelor thesis

The usual processing time for bachelor theses varies from university to university. As a rule, however, it is between two and four months.

The bachelor thesis extent lies between 20 and 40 pages. This too can vary from university to university and the respective subject area.

In addition to the formal requirements of a scientific work, the choice of topics sometimes takes a back seat. The appropriate topic determines the success or failure of the bachelor thesis. An example from practice:

Julia studies social management at a college. She is in the middle of the last semester and is close to despair. The reason: She simply does not get on with her bachelor thesis, is stuck and finds no starting point for the next step. She consciously chose the topicThe Social Influence on Responsible Management in Social Institutionsand started enthusiastically.

There is no lack of specialist literature and ideasrather the opposite. After some discussion, however, it turns out that this is exactly the problem: The topic is too broad, Julia does not know what to focus on. And now the topic can not be changed anymore.

After all: Julia’s supervisor agreed to change the focus of the bachelor work. Without his cooperation the bachelor thesis would have failed.

To make sure that does not happen to you, you should use the following questionswhich you can also download here for free as a PDFfor your topic selection:

  • For which topics am I personally interested?
  • Are there topics that I passionately follow and observe?
  • Can I link to topics from earlier bachelor theses?
  • Which topics have particularly appealed to me during my studies?
  • Are there questions about study content that I want to pursue for a long time?
  • Did I gain any experience during my internships or practical phases that are suitable for my bachelor thesis?
  • Are there any suggested topics or suggestions from professors and lecturers?
  • Can I find enough literature for my desired topic?
  • Are there any niche topics that irritate me?
  • Is a topic also suitable for continued editing as part of a possible master’s thesis?
  • Which topics and questions are I already working on intensively?
  • Which lecturers are suitable for me as a supervisor?
  • Which topics will these lecturers support and supervise?
  • Are there requirements of the university or my supervisor, which I have to stick to when choosing the topic?
  • How much time is available for the bachelor thesis?
  • What extent must the work at least have?
  • Do I always have to use primary literature or does secondary literature suffice in justified cases?
  • Do I find enough volunteers and participants for the empirical work?
  • Can I write an outline for a specific topic in advance?
  • Which topics open up to me easily and without much effort?
  • Which topics offer added value and starting points for my later job?
  • Are there any topics and tenders as a working student that are suitable for me?
  • Is my desired topic to be created within the bachelor thesis?
  • Do I have the necessary basics to work on a specific topic?